Casey Creamer

Web and Graphic Designer

Image of casey

Casey grew up in a family full of artists. From an early age, he knew he was destined to make art. This foundation led him to explore his passion through woodworking, sewing, knitting, painting, drawing and digital forms of illustration and design.

Casey began to refine his skills in college, where the code languages he learned allowed him to expand and develop websites for others. He spent the next few years educating himself and honing his skills, learning new program tricks and becoming a more effective web and graphic designer.

To put his education into practice, Casey began working for a large print shop as the lead designer and web master. Here he completed projects for many of the large colleges in Austin and their sporting teams, and for several of Austin's music festivals.

Over the past four years, Casey has expanded his portfolio as a freelance graphic and web designer. During this time he has worked with churches, nonprofits and local companies to expand their web presence through different creative mediums. This has allowed him to provide and produce an array of services, including branding packages, website design, website maintenance, graphic design, digital illustrations, video production and animation for videos. Casey completed an associate's degree in interactive specialization from Austin Community College.

Likes: really old Volkswagens, black coffee, well-designed patterns, backpacking, rock climbing, snowboarding, spending time with his wife and daughter, traveling overseas

Dislikes: traffic, the way horses smell, traveling in the rain, wearing shoes

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