Claire Woll

Communications Strategist

Image of Claire

Inspired by the human element in professional relationships and business success stories, Claire bases every client relationship first on empathy. Empathy for the endless energy, admirable risk-taking and impassioned effort she sees both entrepreneurs and businesses put forth each day to have their brand remain relevant in a complicated, busy marketplace. Equally, she reflects this passion and energy in her work, for her clients. She actively listens, takes accountability and delivers results based on her genuine enthusiasm toward her client’s goals. Claire finds true enjoyment from contributing to her client’s needs. Claire wears many hats (and continues to search her closest for new ones) with the premise that a well-balanced life fuels inspiration and confidence.

After spending a decade in marketing communications, representing clients like Starbucks, Nissan and Wyndham Resorts, she shifted her professional focus a bit to pursue a passion. She earned a masters in social work, but more so, received a fresh take and a more cognizant view of the world to advocate for the people that live on it. This perspective now helps her to better connect with and respect her client’s vision, mission and goals. She is a savvy, quick-witted, sharp, genuine and a resourceful communications counselor who looks at diverse situations with compassion and energy. In short, she’s ready for your call.

Scottish by blood and Texan at heart, Claire takes multi-tasking to a professional degree. Those who know her would say she is a dedicated mother, PR professional and social worker who is looking to make the world a better place for not just her children, but for all communities.

Likes: Competing in triathlons, world travel, Oreos, the arts, a few mindless TV shows, farm to table meals in Maine, creative brainstorming and spending time outdoors with her family of four

Dislikes: any dessert where peanut butter and chocolate are mixed, mosquitos, lights left on in empty rooms and running late

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