Jennie Whitaker

Public Relations & Media Strategy

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Jennie's fascination with words began at an incredibly young age. At five years old she became a tenacious reader, following along to the pre-recorded stories her Dad narrated on cassette tape. An incredibly efficient man, this was her Dad’s clever response to her incessant reading requests, and lucky for her it meant never having to wait for a good story. Through the years her sense of urgency has molded her into a strong communicator with an innate ability to craft messages and rapidly distribute them with accuracy.

From local museums to worldwide brands, Jennie has a proven track record of understanding the media and placing stories where they belong. It's a simple concept to her, backed by years of education and experience.

Working for clients such as Ronald McDonald House Charities, Texas MedClinic, Long Center for the Performing Arts, Backwoods, McDonald's, Medical City Hospital, Maine Maritime Museum, ClubCorp, Boy Scouts of America, Abilene Christian University and Plains Capital Bank, she has executed hundreds of plans. In the past 13 years, she's gained experience in nearly every major industry and continues to enjoy the challenge of working with new brands. With a keen ability to develop well-written stories, Jennie believes in the clients she chooses to work with and loves to see them succeed.

Jennie has a bachelor's degree in public relations from the University of Texas and a master's degree in journalism and public relations from Texas Christian University.

Likes: cooking for others, porch swings, summertime in New England, spending time at the ocean, Indian food, media relations, local newspapers, picking wildflowers, being called a Momma by a sweet little boy and even younger fraternal twin girls, repurposing old things, jacket weather and farmers' markets.

Dislikes: caraway, licorice, airplane turbulence, walking outside alone after dark, traveling with a strict itinerary, saying goodbye, dropped calls and scary movies

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