Marcus Whitaker

Branding and Business Affairs

Image of Marcus

No one has ever had to tell Marcus to use his imagination. With a knack for all things creative, Marcus consistently produces ideas and artwork that result in heightened awareness and positive change on client projects.

With strong experience in crisis communication and strategic planning, Marcus brings a fresh perspective to the table. Having worked in a myriad of client relationships within several nonprofits over the years, he understands what it takes to change perspectives, raise awareness and share information with others.

Always prepared to produce clever plans that influence others, Marcus works as the branding strategist at Seedling Communications filling a dual role as the head of business affairs. Marcus has an uncanny ability to identify opportunities that lead to positive change and consistently look for ways to implement those initiatives. In a nutshell, Marcus is the “big picture” person on the team.

Client experience includes projects with accounts such as The For the City Network, Atlas of Giving, Temple-Inland, Backwoods, Texas MedClinic, WinePoynt and Ronald McDonald House Charities, and he welcomes challenging projects with open arms.

In addition to the initiatives he’s led, over the years he’s honed his skills in media relations, writing and event marketing through supporting roles within the agency. Serving accounts both small and large, Marcus always approaches client work with a team mentality and the heart of a true advocate.

Marcus earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from Georgetown College and a master's in business administration from Liberty University.

Likes: black coffee, University of Kentucky basketball, social media, graphic design, horses and horse farms, golfing, fishing, German chocolate cake, reading, Maine, triathlons and frigid temperatures

Dislikes: sour cream and cottage cheese, getting a haircut, Texas summers, lying inside a fully zipped sleeping bag

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